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How To Fix Err_Cache_Miss In Google Chrome?

Google chrome is a global browser because of its easiness and availability of various features. But sometimes, an “err_cache_miss” message appear in the chrome window that doesn’t provide any useful information about the cause of err_cache_miss or how should it be taken care of it.

So, in order to solve this difficulty here is a very informative article that will help you in understanding the reasons that trigger this error and what possible steps should be followed to fix it on a different computer.

But first, let’s understand what is cache and how it works.

What Is Cache And How It Works?

The cache is defined as a hidden place where you can store or hide something. In terms of computing, a cache is a high-speed memory that holds frequently requested data or instructions temporarily for faster processing.

So that when CPU is needed, these requests can be fetched immediately and reduce execution time.

Memory and CPU use the cache to buffer data.

Local data is stored on your device.

In this way, when the user requests previously access content that is already stored in a cache, the processor doesn’t need to go through the whole memory hierarchy.

It simply goes to cache and fetched data from there, this is called a cache hit. The error “Err_Cache_Miss” is thrown if the data isn’t found in the cache.

In this case, the processor needs to go to primary memory and checked the presence of requested data, if it does not even present in primary memory then the processor visits secondary memory and bring it back as soon as possible.

This is the simple and basic flow of different kinds of caches.

How HTTP Cache Or Shared Cache Works In Google Chrome?

An HTTP cache is a kind of small database server that stores web page resources (like images, CSS, JavaScript files, videos and so on ) locally on your device or sync with your Gmail accounts.

The browser requests some data from a web server, if the requested content is not present in the browser cache, then the browser directly retrieved it from the webserver but it took a comparatively greater time.

If the content is already browsed, then it is stored in the browser cache and can be retrieved directly from the cache. This mechanism improves access time, minimize bandwidth consumption and improve overall performance.

What Is Err_Cache_Miss?

Google Chrome is the most reliable, widely used and widely supported browser in the world.

But many users, experiencing an error “err_cache_miss” while browsing data from the internet.

This is quite frustrating as it does not spot the problem either it gives any other useful information. This error is shown on the window along with a message “confirm form resubmission” only.

In order to resolve this issue, first, we need to understand what it means and what are the reasons behind this mess.

Err_cache_miss shows that the website that you are visiting right now required the submission of specific data for further processing. Maybe you already entered data, but this website requires it again.

So, you need to re-enter that data again. But keep that in mind if the error keeps repeating itself even after re-entering, then it means you need to switch your browsers. This error is entirely depending on the browser not on the operating system so it can appear on any platform (Windows, Linux, macOS etc.)

What Are The Main Reasons That Trigger Err_Cache_Miss?

Cache miss errors can be caused by several factors. You may be experiencing this problem for the following reasons;

  • Fault in website development: this is the most common reason, as HTTP cache stored web resources, if there is something wrong in coding or issues at the side of  PHP developer then obviously it hinders the accessing request and caused the error.
  • Bugs and corrupted files: there are several intentional or unintentional bugs that corrupt files and cause this error.
  • Google Chrome and its extension: many tools launch their chrome extensions that also trigger miss error along with some faulty settings of chrome.
  • Inefficiencies of browser: sometimes your browser does not work properly because of poor internet connection, website traffic, bandwidth consumption etc.

How To Fix “Err_Cache_Miss”?

Now you know what is err_cache_miss, and what are the reasons that activate this error. So, let’s learn some quick methods to resolve this error.

Because different computers have different configurations so it might be possible that a specific solution will not work in your case.

So in this article, we present multiple solutions for different specifications.

Clear The Browser Cache

Clearing your browser data is a good idea from time to time. If you haven’t cleared your cache for a long time.

It might be possible that it may contain some garbage data or corrupted files that will harm your computer and also slows down the processing speed.

But if you don’t want to lose your data or saved passwords for different sites then you can go to the “basic data cleaning” option by following simple steps;

  1. Open your browser and click on the More icon (vertical dots in google chrome on the top right corner of your window).
  2. Select settings from the menu.
  3. Next, click on “Privacy and security” and then on “Clear browsing data.”. Also, you have the option of customizing your requirements.
  4. There are three options available here that are already marked don not unmarked them as they clear all garbage or corrupted files. You should select All Time when choosing the time range for better results.
  5. Click the “clear data” button.
  6. Once this step is done check re-open chrome and check the error if it is gone or not.

If the error is not resolved then try other listed methods.

Disable Faulty Browser’s Extensions

This method is quite useful if the error appears right after the installation of any chrome extension of different tools or software.

Because there is a high probability that some unwanted programs or viruses are also installed in your device along with the extension. To resolve this;

  1. Click on more icons ( vertical dots ) and select the “more tools” option.
  2. Go to extensions.
  3. Check the list and deleted the harmful extensions and disable the unnecessary extensions.
  4. Only keep the necessary extensions
  5. Restart your browser and check the presence of an error.

Reset Chrome Settings

Before resetting chrome, make sure to save your important information ( like bookmarks, auto-fill form’s information, passwords etc.) because resetting the chrome will delete all information.

  1. Open Chrome and search chrom://settings in the search bar and press enter.
  2. Select the advanced option by scrolling down the sidebar.
  3. At the end of the page, there is a reset option click on it.
  4. Reset all browser settings.

Disable Cache System

This solution works when you are in developer mode. You can go to developer mode by following steps;

  1. open settings in developer mode by Pressing Ctrl+Shift+I and press F1.
  2. In the network hierarchy, check the “disable cache ” option.
  3. Refresh the web page and check the error.

Reset All Network Settings

Try this method to resolve the error if the above-mentioned solutions will not work for you. The simplest way to do it are as follow;

  1. Click on the window icon on the taskbar and search command prompt ( as administrator).
  2. Type the following code:
  • ipconfig /release
  • ipconfig /all
  • ipconfig /flushdns
  • ipconfig /renew
  • netsh int ip set dns
  • netsh winsock reset

Press enters and revisits the page.

Update Chrome Browser

If your browser is outdated, then it may also trigger this issue because of compatibility issues of various functions. To update your browser, follow these steps;

  1. Go to chrome://settings in the address bar.
  2. Click on about chrome.
  3. On this page, you can find information about the version of your browser so if you are not using the latest version go to update chrome.
  4. Restart your browser and try to visit the web page again.

Check LAN Settings

If you are using a proxy, it might be possible that your internet might be misbehaving. If that’s the case try to set your LAN settings by following these steps.

  1. In the search bar of the taskbar, type intecpl.cpl and press enter.
  2. Click the connection tab.
  3. You can find the LAN settings at the bottom of the dialog box.
  4. Tick the “automatically detect setting” and press OK.

Change DNS Server Settings

The Internet service provider is responsible for the DNS server settings. some developers block a few features or content on the web page. So, try to use Google’s DNS server by following steps:

  1. Select the network connection option by right-clicking the start button.
  2. Select change adapter options under advance network settings.
  3. Select your local connection (i.e. ethernet) and Select properties tab.
  4. The IPv4 ( internet protocol version 4) properties can be viewed by clicking.
  5. Click on “Use the following DNS server address” and type the following address;
  • Preferred DNS server:
  • Alternate DNS server:

Click on ok and revisit the page.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

What Does Err_Cache_Miss Mean?

Err_cache_miss error message occurs in google chrome when you try to visit a web page that does not have complete information about it.

So, it shows this error and required the user to resubmit certain information. It might be possible that you already entered those details but it still asked for it.

Does Clearing Browsing Cache Solve This Issue?

There are multiple reasons that trigger this issue. One of them is that, if the browsing cache does not update for a long time it might contain some corrupted files or garbage data that generate this error.

If that’s the case then surely clearing the browsing cache resolves the issue.

How Does Extensions Cause “Err_Cache_Miss” Because It’s Totally Unrelated To It?

There is nothing wrong with the extensions but when the extension is installed in chrome some unrelated content or sometimes viruses are also installed with them which results in occurring this error message.

How To Stop Confirmation Form Resubmission Popup?

    • Right-click on the Chrome shortcut icon and go to the properties option.
    • A new dialogue box will appear to add the following text to the target field:


    • Alter the URL by adding this text to the URL:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe” -disable-prompt-on-repost.

  • Chrome will reopen with the same shortcut. If your problem has been solved or not, please let me know.


Nowadays, not only google chrome but also many other browsers face this issue. We provide detailed information about the source of occurring this error and what should be done to resolve it.

There are multiple reasons including faulty extensions, outdated browser, corrupted files, network or IP problems that cause the server to bring complete content of the requested site and show “err_cache_miss” error in google chrome.

In this article, we discussed several slandered fixing methods for different models and different specifications when missing cache messages appear.

But if all these methods will not work for you then you might need to contact web developers or IT experts to get a better result.

Hope it will work for you.

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