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How To Charge Laptop Manually?

As Technology becomes the oxygen of our lives, in this scenario the use of computers is also increased. Whether it is about a university assignment, an office presentation, a restaurant cashier all these things are incomplete without a computer.

There is no doubt that computers play a crucial role in every aspect of life. When we talk about laptops, people prefer laptops because they are highly portable, give classic look, and have many other comforts. But in contrast to it, if you are a laptop user, you might have to face battery or charging issues after 3-4 hours.

If you are a bulk laptop user, this is quite irritating to plug the charger in again and again.

Does A Laptop Need To Be Manually Charged?

Sometimes there are time comes when you feel helpless like when your battery is running out and in addition, the power breakdown also occurs. If I discourse the worst situation like your charger becomes faulty. Maybe the charging port of your laptop has some issues and it refuses to charge.

Maybe the situation arrives when internal power connectors show some problems. It might be possible that wall sockets become dead, most people ignore this issue. In all these situations, what will you do if you have lots of remaining work left?

The time is now when people turn to charge their laptops by hand. There are many ways by which you can solve your battery issues.

Different Ways To Charge Your Laptop Manually?

Several unconventional methods are available to charge your laptop if conventional methods do not work. You can save time and money by using these charging hacks.

Although you can’t charge high-tech devices without a charger, there are ways to charge them with a little technical knowledge. These methods are not costly as well.

Charge Laptop By Using USB

All laptops have some UBS ports and probably the one that belongs to you also has some. These USB ports are obviously cannot be used as a charging port but they will help your laptop to have some power. Although these ports are designed to transfer the data you also know that there are types of ports like A port B port and C port.

Powered devices can only be connected to Type-A ports. It is impossible for them to receive power. And Type B port is not that convenient for this work for some other issues.

In that case, the Type C port is always appreciated because it eliminates the problem of carrying a charger without your laptop.

To check if your laptop has C type USB port. If yes, then let’s go for the further process. As a source of power, your phone can be used. All you need to do is build a bridge between your laptop and your phone.

Connect both devices with a USB cable like plug the one end in laptop’s c type USB port and let the second end be plugged in your mobile. Now sit back and see the power flowing from your mobile to your laptop. This is quite a convenient and easy way.

Using A Universal Power Adapter

Charging a laptop with this method is simple and fast. But before doing this method keep two things;

  • Using a universal power adapter to charge your laptop is dangerous since it is not a charger.
  • Laptops are designed to work with original chargers. So, the use of a universal power supply could put you and your laptop at risk.

You can easily get the universal adaptor from the market and it is also available in electric shops. You can purchase one for a Chromebook, HP laptop, or Dell laptop. But it is difficult to find the one for the specific model of yours as it doesn’t support all models of laptops.

These adaptors are highly reasonably priced and can supply sufficient energy to your laptop if you correctly plugged it. So, before buying one check the features thoroughly and make sure that they support your device efficiently.

Buying An External Battery Charger

Another reliable and most convenient way to charge the laptop manually is to buy an external charger. These are easily available in the market.

Nearly the all-laptop companies manufacture such chargers. But remember the most reliable charger for your device is the charger that originally comes with it. But don’t worry these charges are not much harmful to your laptop as long as the features are fully supported to your device.

One fun fact about them is that they are not directly supplying power to your laptop but charge your battery. You have to remove the battery and then connect it to an external charge.

Now let the external charger charge your device. The battery will now be completely charged when it is plugged back into your laptop and installed.

There are specific types and brands of external laptop battery chargers available in the market. As a result, the battery of your device will not be affected.

By Using An AC Adapter

Before reading this check if your battery has an AC adaptor hookup. Because if you want to go with it you must have an AC adapter hook up. Nearly most laptops come with this hookup, if your laptop is one of them which have an AC adapter then you’re most welcome to use them.

You can start the process by just simply attach the adapter to the hook-up. Now you might run into the problem of not having a port. If so, you can go to the store and buy a connector and you’re done.

Using Solar Energy To Charge Laptop Battery

Using Solar Energy sources allows laptops to be charged. As you all know, the only source of energy on this earth is the sun, so why not use it?

The solar energy charging kit which is specially designed for charging laptops is a good choice for you. By using this method, you will not happen to face any problem in the future as you are using the natural source which is available in abundance.

These kits contain common solar energy panels you often have the experience to see them. These panels are quite useful to convert light energy into electrical energy and luckily for charging a laptop, all you need is electrical energy.

These kits are highly portable. Modern designed kits have all the features which will convince you to buy them. They are small, reliable, productive. you can easily hang them around because of their foldable structure. Just imagine you have an extra mobile which can help you to charge your laptop when there are no other ways.

Charging Laptop Battery Using a Power Bank

To solve all the issues regarding your laptop charging is to buy a power bank. They are easily available in the market. All you need is a C port USB charging port. If you have then just plug in the charger properly. Now you can see your laptop battery box turning green. This power bank will surely become your buddy shortly.

You feel like you’re using it’s the charger. A laptop battery can be charged remotely, conveniently, and without fuss. The power bank cannot be used to charge older laptops provided they only have built-in power jacks.

Charge Your Laptop With A Portable Charger

One more excellent way to cope with this situation is to buy a portable laptop charger. Laptops can be charged anywhere with these portable chargers. It’s just like you have an extra charger with the feature of charging your device without electricity and a proper switchboard. They support a variety of systems seems like they can charge other devices like your friend’s laptop on a trip.

Pros of portable charger

  • They are highly portable
  • They support many systems
  • They are light weighted

You can easily buy these portable laptop chargers online at reasonable prices. Amazon offers a lot of this kind of stuff.

Super Laptop Batteries

If your laptop has many issues with battery life and it cannot last for about even 2 hours. In this situation, you are advised to buy a super laptop battery which can be easily available in the markets. Remove your almost dead battery and fix a new one, at least they can give you a productive time like 7-8 hours which is impressive. You do not have to worry about charging your device more often if you use them.

In addition to your original battery, you could also purchase one and keep it with you. If you’re going to have bulk work to be done or you’re going somewhere out to work. Charge both batteries ( original or a new one) completely. If in case, you are running out of the battery life of your original just remove it and let the new one serves you. This is going to give you relief from an instant headache.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can I Charge My Laptop With A Broken Charging Port?

Answer: Yes, that is correct. When the charging port of your laptop is damaged, you can still charge it easily. On of, the best solution is to go with a power bank. All you need is a C port USB charging port. If you have then just plug in the charger properly. This is the most convenient way

The other way is you can charge your laptop from USB. if your laptop has C type USB port then let’s go for the further process. Your phone can be used as a source of power. There is only one thing you need to do to connect a laptop to a mobile device. Connect both devices with a USB cable like plug the one end in the laptop’s c type USB port and let the second end be plugged in your mobile. Now sit back and see the power flowing from your mobile to your laptop. This is quite a convenient and easy way.

Question: Can I Charge My Laptop By Using An HDMI Cable?

Answer: The answer to this question is yes. It is possible for you. Make sure your laptop has an HDMI port. If yes, then you are not too far to use this method you just need a TV that supports HDMI in port and HDMI cable. To do this, follow the steps below:

  • Plugin HDMI cable in your TVs’ HDMI
  • An HDMI cable should be plugged into the laptop port

Question: IS Charging Laptops From HDMI Cable Safe?

Answer: HDMI provides a small amount of power and current which can at least remain your device alive but not that much recommended. Its low voltage is bad for your device. Using the HDMI method is just for the situation if you are stuck badly and don’t have any other options to go with them then sure use this. Otherwise, use other ways.


The long battery life of your laptop is very important as it has to be involved in every walk of your life. We are just incomplete without laptops or computers. In this article, we mentioned many alternative methods to charge the laptop without a charger.

If you run into problems regarding your charger or charging port then you can just go through these methods.

However, it is also preferable to use the original charger. Because they are already recommended from their company and are manufactured on the principles according to your laptop and fully support them.

It is important to take efficient care of your original battery like regular use can decrease their quality. Charge when they need to charge and don’t remain plugged in the charger once it completed its charging.

These are some tips that help you to restore your battery life but in case you are stuck somewhere then you can use the methods above. These processes are proven and safe for your device.

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