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How To Connect A Laptop To A TV?

How To Connect a Laptop to A TV? Why do you seem so bored?

I don’t want to use a laptop anymore. I want to watch these videos or Netflix on a big screen, something big like a TV with no worries about charging or back pain.

Ahhh!! So that is your problem. Don’t worry, and it’s not a big deal. You can join or connect your laptop to a TV and enjoy your programs on the big screen.

Really? Would it be possible for you to explain it to me?

Yes sure… there are several ways to connect your laptop with a TV, wired or wirelessly. Let me teach you all the patterns one by one.

Connect Your Laptop To A TV By Using HDMI

The most used, reliable and most straightforward way to connect the laptop to TV by using an HDMI cable.

For this, you have to invest a little, but still, it is the most popular among people as this will not bring any future problems. All you need is HDMI ports both on your laptop or your TV and a little money.

Firstly, you have to get an HDMI Cable which costs only $6.5 on amazon. This HDMI cable offers you to enjoy both audio and high-resolution video.

  • The devices should be turned on and connected via HDMI cable. So that can use both at the same time.
  • Using your remote control, connect the appropriate HDMI cable to your TV.

The connection will automatically start, but if it doesn’t go ahead, do the following steps.

  • Go to settings.
  • Choose display settings and select TV.
  • Here the options come to you to change the resolution as same as your laptop.
  • Once you are done, press the Windows key and the P key and then select the “Duplicate” option.

Remember, there is different port size. Some are small, and some are big, so be careful when you buy the cable.

Make sure to buy the right one. If you already have a regular HDMI cable, you can buy an adapter to save some money. For buying mini or micro cables according to your port’s need, click the blue button below:

Mini MDMI Cable

Micro HDMI Cable

Connect Your Laptop To A TV By Using VGA

If you have older laptops or TV, you will likely have a VGA cable instead of HDMI. It will also help you in connecting your laptop to the TV. You will need to buy a VGA cable which doesn’t charge much.

To make the connection, you have to do a few simple steps:

  • Please turn on your laptop and TV and connect them by VGA cable along with audio cable.
  • Now press the Input button on your remote (maybe named as Source or AV) and go with the PC or RGB option, and you’re done.

However, this method brought some discomforts, like it is not good as the HDMI method because its resolution is not good enough. In addition to it, you’ll also have to put a separate cable for audio as this can only support the video.

The connection will automatically start, but it doesn’t go ahead, do the following steps.

  • Go to settings.
  • Choose display settings and select TV.
  • Here the options come to you to change the resolution as same as your laptop.
  • Once you are done, press the Windows key and the P key and then select the “Duplicate” option.

Connect USB To HDMI Cable For Laptop To TV

There are many options if your laptop also has UBS-C ports. However, if your computer also has UBS-C ports. Just buy USB cables and connect your devices with the cable.

Now put the correct input with the help of remote control and. You always have to keep in mind that all UDB cables do not support video. So be careful while buying them.

Buy the UBC cable, which supports the video too.

Another option that can help you enjoy the HDMI view Buy the USB cable with HDMI cable.

Now put a USB cable to your laptop and an HDMI cable to your TV.

Now put the other end of the HDMI cable and plug it into the adaptor to connect both devices, and you’re almost done by inputting the correct HDMI on your TV.

A Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Use a USB-C cable to connect the two devices. An HDMI adapter can also be used.
  2. Start your laptop and TV.
  3. With the remote control, select the appropriate input on the TV based on the cable you are using.

TV Doesn’t Have A Free HDMI Port

What if all your HDMI ports are busy? By using an HDMI switch, you can turn one port into many.

The devices are very cheap. I like the Techole HDMI switch, which has three ports, and it just makes my work easy. Connect the HDMI OUT port to your TV with an HDMI cable, then attach various HDMI-connected devices to the HDMI IN ports.

Some HDMI switches come with remote controls, but others use the buttons on top.

HDMI Cable Isn’t Long Enough

If you have such problems, an extra-long HDMI cable may solve your problem.

Now you can easily reach your TV whether it is on the wall or away from your switchboard, you will need this.

Such issues can also be handled with an angled-HDMI extender.

How To Connect Laptop With TV Wirelessly?

The technology is very vast. Many gadgets offer to bridge your devices, and Google Chromecast or Ruko streaming stick are two devices that can stream media wirelessly for very little money.

Set up the Chromecast by plugging it into your TV. Once everything is set.

You can now mirror everything on your laptop to your TV, whether google tabs, videos, photos, other apps, or even your desktop. You can even grab your desktop to TV, which is quite interesting.

Should launch Chrome browser on your laptop. To select the “cast” option, select the menu option at the browser’s upper-right corner.

You can cast content to your TV by selecting the content in the ”sources drop-down menu” and clicking on Chromecast.

Step-By-Step Guide:

  1. Set up the Chromecast by plugging it into the TV. (Click Here following the instructions).
  2. Click on the menu icon (three vertical dots) in the upper-right corner of the Chrome browser.
  3. The “Sources” drop-down menu allows you to select the content to be cast.
  4. You can cast your video to a Chromecast by selecting it.

View Your Memories On The Big Screen

Do you want to take a look at your older memories on the big screen?

You can still access your pictures as long as they are on your laptop. Just use the USB flash drive, put it into your laptop, and copy the data. Now plug that flash drive into your tv and select the USB input on your tv, and that’s it.

Now you can watch your pictures, but it is only possible if your tv has a USB port and is willing to support audio and video. Some TV only supports audio, while some can support both.

Here Are The Steps:

  1. Using a USB flash drive, you can transfer images and videos from your laptop.
  2. Your TV will need to be connected to the USB flash drive.
  3. Select the USB input on your TV.
  4. Select the files you want to view and hit play.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sound Not Working When Connecting Laptop To TV With HDMI

There are many causes which make you unable to listen to the sound. The leading cause is you don’t plug the HDMI cable properly or try to use a different HDMI cable or port. In this case, follow the instructions below.

First of all, check if the computer settings are correct for this,

  • Do right click on the volume icon in the taskbar
  • Choose sound
  • Click on the playback tab and make sure that the digital output or HDMI option is selected. If not, choose that option.

If you are not able to see these options here, then do the following process.

  • Right-click on the window
  • Now make sure that all disconnected and disabled devices are visible

In the case of still missing the sound, update your drivers for a sound card. The process is as follows:

  • Visit the official websites of your sound card manufacturers. Using driver easy or another simple application will do the trick.

Picture Not Working When Connecting Laptop To TV

It would help if you did not change the display after connecting your laptop to your TV. In case if you can’t see the picture, first rely on HDMI. It will check itself. If it can’t make it, then do the following steps;

  • Press Windows Key + P.
  • The following options can now be seen in a popup sidebar:
  • Select the following options: Only use the laptop screen; Duplicate and Extend, and Only use the second screen.
  • Duplicate or Second Screen are the only options we recommend.
  • If it can’t solve your problem, do right-click on the window 10 desktops and choose the display settings.
  • If you can’t make two desktops appear like the picture below, then it’s probably because your laptop can’t meet the TV yet, so check if you insert the cable correctly or use another cable or port, in other words. Retry!!


Sometimes, we are fed up by sitting at one angle and seeing the short (13-17 inch) laptop screen.

We suddenly want to make it on our tv by which you’ll be free to adjust the screen again and again, and you also don’t have to set a device on your legs like laptops. But most people are not aware of making the connection between their devices.

They are still trying to cope with the pain they have because of the excessive use of laptops.

There are many reliable and easy ways to make it up by cables, wirelessly, or by media streaming devices that offer a bridge between your devices.

These are the ways by which you can connect your laptop to your TV. We have put the links of gadgets you’ll probably need in all these processes.

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