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How To Find Dell Laptop Model Number?

How to Find Dell Laptop Model Number or if you want to check your laptop model’s number. So first of all, you have to go to the search bar and search for system information. If you type system info, it will show you an app called system information.

So have to click and open it up. After opening the window, you can see this called system summary.

You can easily find their system model here. So, the model name is here hp 250 g5 notebook pc, and you can also see the system name. How to Find Dell Laptop Model Number is easy to figure out.

We can see the system model. Also, you can find your system time. System Model Number the x64 best pc and processor is intel core i3. How can You know lots of stuff here? That’s how you check your system model, and you can also find that model number.

How To Find Laptop Model By Identification Label?

Near the battery on the back of most Dell laptops is an identification label. There is also a family name next to the laptop.

A model number is also written on the label. It also indicates when the laptop was manufactured.

When it was certified.

Various Dell laptop models, including Inspiron, Latitude, Studio, Vostro, Precision, and XPS, will be based on the model of the company’s current laptops.

It is important to check the Serial Number for the laptop family name.

Most laptops display this number on their right-hand side.

The second number is the serial number. It is possible to identify the product by its model, and it is possible to trace the development by its serial number. A serial number for each batch of products is distinct from the serial number for every product, which is unique.

Identify Model Number From System Information

Using system information to determine the model number is a simple process. An old laptop’s sticker may also be a fake, so it’s best to use this method.

Where Can I Find The Model Number On Dell Laptop?

The information about your system can be viewed by pressing Enter.

Go to Start to find system information.

System information is displayed using this window.

Finding the Model Number of Dell Laptop

Scroll to the right of the window and look for the model number.

dell laptop model number

Using Command Prompt To Find Dell Laptop Model Number

In addition to the cmd command, you can also locate the model number of your Dell laptop with it. The following steps demonstrate the cmd process for finding the computer’s model number.

You can find it at the bottom left corner of your window.

Press the Enter key after typing cmd.

How to Find Dell Laptop Model Number Using CMD

Enter WMIC CSPRODUCT GET NAME in the Command prompt window that appears. Your model number will display.

dell laptop model number in cmd

Check Out The “Power ON” Screen

Look over the ”Power ON” Screen in laptop

When the dell laptop boots up, it displays its model and family name (for example, latitude XPS).

Start your computer and look above the loading bar for your laptop’s model number. You can use the above methods if, for some reason, you do not know your Dell laptop’s model number.

Using System Detect Utility, Check Dell Model Number

These steps will guide you through downloading and running Dell’s system detects utility.

  1. Visit the Dell Support page.
  2. Locate the option that asks, “What product can we help you with?”. Choose the Install and Download Support Assistant option.
  3. Run the downloaded and install it. Following the successful installation of the software. You will see the Dell Support window. Which describes the model and family of your laptop.

Frequently Asked Questions

Dell Laptops Can Be Identified By Their Model Number?

  • Press Enter in the search bar to find out more about “System Information.”
  • On the System Information tab, you will find the Model number.
  • The model number of the computer will be “Inspiron 3581”.

In Windows 10, How Can I Find Serial Number?

  • Press Enter when you type cmd into the search box.
  • Enter wmic bios get serial number in the command prompt window.
  • On the screen, the serial number is displayed after pressing Enter.

What Are The Specs Of My Dell laptop?

  • Type dxdiag into the search box and then click the enter key.
  • The Dell Laptop System Specifications will appear in a new window.
  • Ensure you are familiar with the exact specifications you need.


After reading the article, hopefully, you can determine your Dell laptop’s model number. If you need further assistance on your laptop, I suggest you visit the Dell official website.

Taking their instructions will ensure you resolve your technical problems. Forget the instructions, and you will be in trouble.

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