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How To Install Window 10 On MacBook?

Installing windows on your laptop or computer is always a difficult task. The process involves many steps. But when we talk about installing windows on MacBook our mind is perplexed that why people install Windows on MacBook, when it has already a powerful macOS operating system.

Reasons To Install Windows On MacBook

Although MacBook comes with a powerful, reliable, and great performing macOS operating system. You can open free apps, like GarageBand and iMovie, with the system, and you can quickly access your other Apple devices.

But still, people want to use windows on their MacBook for the following reasons:

Better Gaming Experience

I don’t have to explain to you the benefits and pleasure that computer games give us. People like computer games more than consoles, like Xbox or PlayStation.

You can have a better gaming experience if your computer has a high resolution, better graphics, and less lag. All these factors are included in MacBook but unfortunately, it has some issues with its operating system. The MacBook gaming market is so small means the macOS system cannot support all games.

In contrast to it, windows can support nearly all types of games. This is the major reason for installing windows on MacBook.

Usage Of Their Desired App

You all know that the macOS system cannot support such software. People rush towards windows when they find that their particular industry-standard software is not being supported by macOS.

Though every year MacBook company launches access to many software. The effort of the companies has brought access to many Softwares like MS word, excel. But still, there are some applications for which macOS is not suitable enough. So, in the reasons of installing windows on MacBook, this reason gives a terrible and huge blow.

And there are also other reasons which convince people to install windows on mac. If you are also convinced enough so now let’s start the process. This process is however long and time is taken but it is worth it.

Things You Need Before Install Window 10 On Mac

Keep in mind that not all MacBook laptops support window 10. There are some models which support window 10 or in which you install window 10.

  • Apple MacBook Pro (2012 and later)
  • Apple MacBook Air (2012 and later)
  • Apple MacBook (2015 and later)
  • Apple’s iMac Pro (2017)
  • Apple’s iMac (2012 and later)
  • Mac mini (2012 models and later)
  • The Mac mini server (late 2012)
  • MacBook Pro (late 2013)

The second thing you must have is a free space for up to 64 GB on your hard drive.

The installation of windows depends on this factor. You can set the size of the Windows partition during installation, as long as the drive has enough storage.

The last thing is to update your mac’s OC and make sure that there are no such problems regarding compatibility.

Protip: you are advised to back up your Mac. In rare cases, if something went wrong your data will be safe.

Steps Of Windows 10 Installation

These are the Following Steps below for Windows 10 Installation.

Download Windows 10 ISO File (Step 1)

First of all, we need a window 10 ISO file, you can easily download there are no tricky stages in this step. Following the steps below, you can install it directly on your internal hard drive.

  1. Go straight and hit on Microsoft Windows 10 ISO download page.
  2. Select the edition from the dropdown menu.
  3. In the Windows 10 Anniversary Update section, click Windows 10 and confirm the installation
  4. Select the product language by clicking the drop-down menu below.
  5. Select your preferred language, then click on the confirm button.
  6. Now click on 64- bit download and then on save. The ISO file is now in the process of downloading.

It takes time. Once the file finishes its downloading, go for the further set of steps. Be patient, it has many things to do.

Install Windows 10 With Boot Camp (Step 2)

After your window 10 ISO file finishes its download,  do the following steps then:

  1. Open the Boot Camp Assistant application in the Applications folder. Click on continue now.
  2. You can drag the partition slider by clicking and dragging it. As a default, it is set at 48 GB, but if you have enough space on the drive, you can add more at any time.
  3. Click the Install button. You will now be able to download Windows support software.
  4. Here he asks for a password from you. Click OK after setting a strong password. You will the mac restarting and the window 10 setup appears on your screen. This is no doubt a victory!
  5. Go with your suitable language and click on install now
  6. The requirement of product key will appear, enter it or go with the option that you don’t have. You can either enter it after the installation completes.
  7. Now choose either window 10 or window 10 pros according to your preferences or choice. Now hit on next
  8. Choose custom which is installed window only. You can boot your computer from Drive 0 Partition X: BOOTCAMP.

Note: Please do not choose anything else. Avoid clicking on anything except your option.

  1. Now click on next. The process of window 10 installation is on its way. If your mac restarts then don’t worry, it will happen several times during the whole process.
  2. When the Windows 10 setup screen appears, click Use Express Settings or Customize Your Installation. As all settings can be changed after installation, we use express settings in this case.
  3. Now set the username and you can also add a password to strengthen your security.
  4. Click on Next. Using Cortana is your choice.

Congrats! You have installed window 10. Now you can enjoy all the benefits of the window. But this is not enough, there are furthermore steps which are looking ahead to be done.

Install Boot Camp Software (Step 3)

There is a need of installing boot camp software on your window 10 partitions. When window download and you switch it for the first time the need to install the boot camp software will appear. This requirement appears without your permission and you have to fulfil it. Steps to follow:

  1. Click the Install button.
  2. Click on I accept the terms in the license agreement.
  3. You need to click to install.
  4. The installation will be complete once you click Finish.

Return To MacOS Operating System

The functions of the macOS operating system are always remarkable. Except for some issue (i.e. poor gaming experience, less support to several applications), macOS always serves you best.

And that is the fact people rush to mac laptops. What happened?

Are you tired of using windows on your MacBook? Are you missing your macOS operating system? If yes then don’t worry. The problem can be dealt with in a variety of ways.

One of the best advantages to install Windows through boot camp is you can easily return to your original one. Using the steps listed below, you can install macOS on your computer.

  1. Open the Windows 10 taskbar and click the Show hidden icons button.
  2. Click the Boot Camp button.
  3. Click Restart in OS X.

Your mac starts to restart again, but after this, you will be brought to your macOS. There is another way to switch from window 10 to MacBook which Is way easier than the above one.

It’s as simple as restarting your Mac and holding down the Option key on your keyboard until the boot menu appears. Choose an operating system from this menu.

Update Windows 10

The Creators Update can now be installed on your Mac once you have installed Windows 10.

Windows Update provides an easy method of doing so.

  1. Click the Start button.
  2. Click the Settings button. It looks like gear.
  3. Click Update & security and go Check for updates.

The creator’s update starts to download and after installation, you will be able to update according to your choice.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Why We Install Boot Camp After Window 10?

First of all, there is no choice for you to skip this as it appears directly after you switch for the first time without giving you any notification or signal. But don’t worry!! It is not a wastage of time or storage.

This is an important process. This allows downloading many software and drivers. These software and drivers will help you give an outstanding experience of using Windows 10.

How much space does Windows need?

You must have at least 64 GB free on a hard disk to install Windows with boot camp. But for installing all the accompanying programs, you will 128 GB. Apple also suggests keeping 128 GB of free space when you start the process of window installation.

How to get Windows for Mac?

  1. If you want to run window 10 on your MacBook you need a window 10 ISO file. you can easily download there are no tricky stages in this step. You can directly install it on your internal hard drive through Microsoft Windows 10 ISO download page. The step-by-step instruction for this process is given above ( in the first step) you can read it out.

What’s best Boot Camp

Boot camp assistant is the best choice. It is also recommended by the apple MacBook itself. It is installed on all Intel Macs, called ‘dual-booting. By using it, you can boot up (or ‘boot’) your Mac using Windows or macOS.

Important Conclusion

There is no need to tell the advantages, advancements, and variations of MacBook laptops and it’s macOS operating system. We all know the powers, eye-catching look, advanced features, high resolution, remarkable battery life of MacBooks.

But where the macOS system catches people’s attention, in contrast to it some people are not satisfied using it. They cause some people the headache when they refuse to support the games and the specific application they need. At that time, this marvelous performing MacBook seems to be useless. And of course, this is because of its macOS system. This makes people search the ways to install window 10 on their MacBook which is not that difficult as you think. However, it has some complications, it is a bit tricky.

But in this article, I try to mention even the most obvious step so that you don’t have to face any difficulty. Just follow the step-by-step instruction given above and you’re done.

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