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How To Print Screen On HP Laptop Or Desktop Computer?

Screenshot, or screen printing, is a job that is done by us several times a day that’s why people are asking How To Print Screen On HP Laptop Or Desktop Computer?

Whether you want to share the small piece of article with your friends or colleagues or want to snap a photo of your family on a skype video call to keep the charming memory in an image format or either. You want to make copies of important files, this tool allows you all this.

Taking a screenshot on smartphones can be done by a 5-year-old.

However, when it comes to laptops or PC your mind must be questioned.

how to do it?

Ohh don’t worry taking screenshots on a PC or laptop is as much simpler than you think.

What Is Screen Printing?

It is also known as screenshot or screen capture, which allows you to take whatever is display on your screen at the moment you take it in an image format.

This can be useful in many ways like you only want to show the small part of your work or want to save only that part to your computer just take the snap of this part.

If you want to take a photo of your whole family during video calling just capture that moment and save it in your computer and your heart, this also allows you to reshape or resize the pictures.

This is quite helpful.

Whether you choose to use tools or manual methods to do it, there are many options to choose from. You must decide what feels most comfortable to you and which tools best suit you.

Different Ways To Take A Full-Screen Screenshot On Your HP Laptop

These are the Different ways to take a full-screen screenshot on your hp laptop with detailed Below:

For Windows 8 And 10

The window you use brings an important impact in making a screenshot. Latest windows like 8 and 10 offer you to take a screen snap by the keyboard. However, the old versions of windows require a different method.

If you are using Windows 8 or window 10, taking a screenshot will be very simple for you. Follow the steps below:

  • Find the Print Screen On HP Laptop button on your keyboard, if your keypad has a number pad then it will have a Print Screen On HP Laptop button usually abbreviated as Print Screen On HP Laptop on the upper-right-handed corner.
  • Press the PrtSc screen button along with the main WIN button to grab the whole screen.
  • The confirmation of taking a screenshot can be approved if your screen is slightly blinking or dim for a moment but remember it will not happen ifyou upgraded your device from an earlier version of Windows to 8 or 10.
  • You can press the button for Print Screen On HP Laptop with Alt to copy the image on the clipboard.
  • To find the taken screenshot in your device go to This pc then select pictures and finally get the option named screenshot to view your screenshot.

For Older Version Of Windows

If you have some old windows then start following the steps below:

  • Press the PrtSc button on the upper-right corner of the keyboard, if you have an Fn key you will need to press the Fn key with the PrtSc button.
  • MS paint can be opened from the Start Menu. Go to the search bar and type Ms. Paint into the box.
  • After opening it, paste the taken screenshot by pressing Ctrl+V the same time. Your screenshot is now displayed in Ms paint.
  • Save this by pressing Ctrl+S or by clicking on the save in file menu.
  • Here he asked some questions from you like where you want to save or in which format? Answer these questions and you’re done.
  • The Png file is more suitable as it can maintain the quality of a picture even if it is a smaller size.

Screenshot By Using Window 10 Snipping Tool

Window 10 also provides a snipping tool by which you can take a perfect screenshot of a specific part of the screen. For taking benefit from this option, follow the following steps:

  • Click on the start menu.
  • Go with All programs.
  • Now choose accessories where you can find the snipping tool.

You can also do this process with your keyboard.

  • Press the start key and type Snipping tool on the search bar
  • Your screenshot is automatically taken in a rectangular shape

Different Ways To Take A Partial Screenshot

These are the Different ways to take a Partial screenshot on your hp laptop with detailes Below:

Default Way In Window 10

Sometimes you want to take a screenshot, not of the whole screen but a small portion of it in this regard the steps below will help you.

In October 2018, window 10 introduced a new function of Snip and sketch by which the users are allowed to take the screenshot of a specific part with all the clarity.

  • Press the window key+shift+S, your screen will suddenly start showing the effect of matt white and your cursor turn into a pointed cursor to a crosshair cursor.
  • Now select the part you want to grab by dragging and after selecting drop your cursor.
  • The white matt effect disappears and your selected part is copied on the clipboard.
  • Open edit program, if you want to do any editing and press Ctrl+V to paste the screenshot.
  • After selecting save your information in the format you want also where you want.

Snipping Tool

For any type of window on your laptop, the snipping tool is best for taking screenshots which offers to take instant screen grabbing according to your requirements.

      • The snipping tool application will create a new snip if you select “New” or press CTRL + N.
      • Draw a rectangular outline around the chosen area using the crosshair cursor.
      • To save a screenshot as JPEG or PNG, click the disk icon within the sniping tool toolbar.

As part of the snipping tool, you can also choose from three other modes, besides a rectangle as the default form for snapping your screen.

  • Snipping Free-Form allows you to capture in any format. With the free-form mode, you can capture circles, ovals, and figure 8’s easily.
  • The Window Snip can be used to capture a screenshot of your active window in just a few seconds.
  • The Full-Screen Snip captures a complete display. If you use two monitors and want to snap both pictures at once, this is especially helpful.

This snipping tool also provides the option of a pointer or markers to offers you to make the changes in your taken screenshot like if you want to highlight something draw a circle or square around it.

By Snagit

Snagit is an app which offers al the things you want while taking screenshot like from snapping screen to editing and resize them.

Snagit also provides the offer to make the recording of videos or grabbing the screen display while scrolling or other videos which are being watched on your laptop screen.

Steps For Using Snagit

Using Snagit is not a big deal, read the following steps and do the same:

  1. Open the Snagit application once it has been downloaded.
  2. To access the screenshot camera click on the red circle button in the upper right corner of your screen.
  3. Take a screenshot by selecting the camera icon or record video by selecting the recorder icon.
  4. Choose the area of the screen you would like to snap.
  5. In the Snagit application, you will see your desktop image. A clipped image can be edited, annotated, resized, copied, and saved from there.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Does The Resolution Of The Screen Affect The Resolution Of The Screenshot?

Yes of course, because the screenshot shows exactly what is display on the screen and if your screen’s resolution is not high.

It means shows some blurry images then of course when you snap it the blurriness of the screen will automatically come into your screenshot, and its result is not as good as compared to high-resolution laptops.

How To Take High-Resolution Screenshots?

A screenshot’s image quality is closely related to the resolution (pixels or dots) of the screenshot. Better quality comes with a higher resolution.

Your screenshot can be made much clearer in two different ways.

The steps that will help you to take a high-resolution screenshot. Read it carefully

1. By Setting The Screen Resolution

As I say above that the screen resolution plays an important role In making your screenshot clearer so setting the screen’s resolution is very important.

  • Select “Properties” from the right-click menu of your desktop background.
  • Choose “Settings” from the menu.
  • Adjust the marker under “Screen Resolution” to raise the resolution of your screen. Select “Apply” to test the results after increasing the resolution as much as you like.
  • You should click “OK” once you have decided on the proper resolution.

Now let’s take a look at a high-resolution screenshot. You should check it out!

2. Using GIMP

  • Launch GIMP. If you don’t have GIMP on your computer, you can download it for free from the Internet. The GIMP program allows you to edit images for free.
  • Open the file that you wish to enhance by clicking “File” and then “Open.” Select the screenshot that you wish to enhance. Choose “Open.”
  • Choose “Image” from the menu. You can scale the image by checking the box next to it.
  • In the same window, find the fields that indicate the resolution. As much as you like, adjust the “x resolution” and “y resolution.” To select the scale, click “Scale”.
  • After making a resolution change, you can select “File” and “Save”. Should you not be satisfied with the resolution, you can adjust it further until you are. Save your work when you’re done.

Does Screenshotting Lose Quality?

Your screenshot will lose quality if your screen quality is bad f the resolution of your laptop is not much high and different factors are also involved in it.

Essentially, you are just capturing what appears on the screen.


If you know how to take a screenshot then I think you are able to save a lot of your time and can be able to present your ideas more reasonably.

Taking a screenshot is an ideal way to save your information rather than a link or a video that takes your time to open on the other hand screenshot will never waste your time as it is in the picture form you can open it by simply click on it.

The snipping tool is the most important as it offers to save your desired information in your desired way. If you want to make a whole screen capture then come use it.

If you want to save a specific part then also come using it, it will help you to take a screenshot by doing a few simple steps.

Whatever method you use, if you make to take a screenshot then it means you know how to keep the important information safe in an efficient way

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