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How To Rotate Laptop Screen?

A large number of the community wants to know How To Rotate Laptop Screen because Sometimes you accidentally run into the screen rotating issues like sometimes you have many files open at the same time and while are handling a lot of files, the screen rotating games start and, in this scenario, you might lose your important file.

Aghhhh!! This is so irritating. And you start to look around to stop your screen’s rotation.

The screen rotation brings a very irritating effect and you start to search to stop the rotation, in this regard, there is not much more you have to do many laptops have short keys to portrait your screen in just a few seconds by pressing the combination of keys.

So keep reading you may discover many ways to cope up with this irritating issue.

Why Should The Screen Be Rotated?

Whether we talk about office projects or doing our works from home, there are times arrives when we need to look or observe our projects from a vertical format.

Image the situation of a graphic designer who wants to look at his art from a different point of view to properly observes his artwork. Or what about a spreadsheet maker who can only sense his work by looking at it from a vertical format

Horizontal oriental is standard or comes in our devices by default. We use the horizontal orientation in our daily use and we don’t usually need to rotate this but when this specific situation comes, we have to take some steps to make our work easy

How To Rotate Laptop Screen For Windows 7, 8, And 10?

For rotating screens in window 7,8, and 10, follow the steps below

  • Press the window key at the left bottom side of your screen, on the search bar, type display settings, and then press ‘’enter’’.
  • The file will open with lots of features regarding the physical appearance of your laptop screen.
  • Choose the displayed mood (either a vertical or horizontal orientation).
  • Now go to orientation and click on the down-headed arrow to see more options.
  • Choose your desired one and then click on apply.

If you’ve changed your display by following these steps you can bring back your desired settings by refollow these steps.

How To Rotate Laptop Screen By Using Hotkeys

Some computers offer hotkeys to rotate your screen and this is quite time-saving. These are offered by Intel graphics drivers. If you suddenly caused How To Rotate Laptop Screen, you might be happened to press the hotkeys combination.

  • Press Ctrl+Alt+Arrow to rotate your screen with hotkeys.
  • Ctrl+Alt+Up Arrow, for example, rotates your screen upright.
  • Press Ctrl+Alt+Right Arrow to rotate your screen 90 degrees.
  • Ctrl+Alt+Down Arrow turns it upside down (180 degrees).
  • Ctrl+Alt+Left Arrow caused the screen to rotate up to 270 degrees.

These hotkeys offer you a great time-saving deal, but these keys cause sometimes a problem if you accidentally press them without realizing what is done and what to do next.

In order to solve this problem, you can disable these keys or change them in the Intel Graphics Control Panel through the Hot Key Manager tool.

You can access the Intel Graphics Control panel by selecting Intel Graphics Settings by right-clicking your desktop or by pressing Ctrl+Alt+F12.

After opening it, click on options and then go with the hotkey manager.

If you don’t happen to see the intel graphics panel, then you are probably not using the intel graphics and if you don’t happen to see the option of hotkeys manager, you might have not available these hotkeys on your device.

How To Rotate Laptop Screen With Your Graphics Driver’s Control Panel?

Your intel AMD GRAPHIC DRIVERS, and NVIDIA also provide the option to rotate your screen if your pc can’t show screen rotation options you may also reach them from your graphics driver’s control panel.

You can choose a display orientation by right-clicking the desktop and selecting “Intel Graphics Settings.” On PCs with Intel graphics, right-click the desktop and select “Display.”

This option might not be available on your PC, but don’t worry instead of this option we can also use the standard Windows Settings app instead to do our screen display settings.

Laptops with NVIDIA graphics will offer this way to rotate your screen.

  • Select “NVIDIA Control Panel” by right-clicking the desktop.
  • Choosing “Rotate Display” from the Display menu allows you to select the desired screen orientation.

Some latest versions of the Catalyst Control Center on AMD graphics laptops, this option is no longer available. In previous versions it is located on  “Common Display Tasks” but you must know about the rotation of the screen through the standard Windows Settings app.

Disable Or Enable Automatic Screen Rotation In Windows 10

Laptops with window 10 automatically rotate their screen as the device orientation changes. This feels like you are working on smartphones but not always, sometimes you irritate that why it changes frequently?

I don’t want this!! To do so you can just disable the automatic screen rotation option by just following the simple steps.

  • you need to open the action center; this is possible by pressing Windows+A. or you can also go with a manual way which is clicking on the notification icon on the right side of your taskbar.
  • tap the ‘’rotation lock’’ tile to look at the screen in its current situation.
  • tap or click again on this tile to unlock this option.

Enable Or Disable Screen Rotation Using The Settings

  • open settings.
  • select display.
  • find rotation lock option, under the scale and layout area.

if you can’t find that option from settings, you might have not this option on your device.

Enable Or Disable Screen Rotation Using Registry

Important note: there is a safety tip that before applying this method you did better to store all your data in another device in case there is some data loss happens, you have your important file.

  • Click on start.
  • Open Regedit and choose the first result to open the registry.
  • Now chase this path: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\AutoRotation
  • Enable DWORD by double-clicking on it.
  • Change the number from 1 to 10.
  • Click on ‘ok’.
  • Restart your computer.

How To Rotate Laptop Screen Using Intel HD Graphics Control Panel?

Your laptop’s screen can also rotate by using the Graphics card panel. You can accomplish this by following these simple steps, you need to open your panel.

  • Right-click on desktop.
  • From the cortex menu, select graphics properties.
  • You can have many options on your desktop regarding your display.
  • select the desired options and then apply it.

There are a lot of options that can change the characteristics of your desktop screen. If you choose to change your display rotation in the ”desktop or display” menu, you can do so by rotating your screen at 90, 180, and 270 degrees. You can choose zero to bring back your laptop’s screen to its previous situation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How To Rotate Laptop Screen Back To Normal?

Answer: What happened you don’t like your display hanged and want to do it back? Do you know how to do it? Don’t worry! Let me tell you…

If you are willing to do the normal settings of your laptop screen just press the following key combinations.  Ctrl + Alt + Up Arrow.

Question: How I Flipped My Laptop Screen?

Answer: There are simple key combinations to flip your laptop’s screen

  • If you want to flip your screen to the right, press Ctrl + Alt + Right Arrow.
  • If you want to flip your screen to the left, press Ctrl + Alt + Left Arrow.
  • If you want to flip your screen upside down, press Ctrl + Alt + Down Arrow.

Question: How Much Can I Rotate My Screen?

Answer: Window 10 can rotate your screen to 90, 180, and even 270 degrees, this can be done by just some hotkeys. Simply press any arrow keys you want to rotate in a direction along with Ctrl + lt. the screen will rotate according to the arrow keys.


Rotating a screen is a thing we might even not think deeply about it. It’s a phenomenon that is automatically done on our smartphones.

We just change the mobile position or enable the rotating option and it just happens.

However, when we talk about laptop or PC screen rotation is not a thing that is done automatically. We might take some steps or search for other ways of one will not support your pc.

Knowing the ways How To Rotate Laptop Screen display is important to easily deal with your tasks. There are situations you strongly sensed to look from other views.

Sometimes you got stuck that what to do next? How I took this piece of work from other views in that time you search for it.

Therefore, it is important to know How To Rotate Laptop Screen in advance so when the time comes you can easily handle the problems.

Also, you should know how to lock the rotation n case you are watching a video at a strange angle and don’t want anything to disturb it. It’s quite important, these small tricks make you a professional or pro user.

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